Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Editorial Icons

OK, I'm already bored trying to do this in chronological order so I'm just going to add labels to each post designating which quarter the work was done in.

While we were working on our cut paper posters, we had to go back through all of our thumbnail sketches and pick 5 of just our animal, and 5 others of our animal in the style of our civilization. I don't exactly know why they're called editorial icons. Once we had the 10, we had to shrink them down so they were no more than 2 inches at the biggest dimension and place them on a 10" x 10" sheet in such a way as to force the viewer's eye to go to the strongest icon. This would be a tactic to use when showing clients multiple options of logos, for example, when you want them to choose a particular can actually position them on the page using directional forces (swelling, point, centripetal forces) to get them to choose the one you think is the best design.

Here are my non-civ icons (ie, just my sheep). We were also given criteria that we had to meet, such as at least one icon has to be a notan:

And here are the Absaroke/Crow sheep:

Here's how I placed them on the page. They had to be equidistant from each edge, which by default made them centered. The most powerful spot on the page is always the top right so that's where you're supposed to look. Sylvia thought they worked okay so that was good enough for me!

I just remembered how many friggin' times I had to draw a sheep.

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