Saturday, June 28, 2008


I've spent a bunch of time over break practicing my bookmaking skills. I'm just about ready to move on from this technique and try something new...but here's the result of hours of fun:

I just discovered that the art store up the street from me has AMAZING handmade paper...hadn't seen it before because it's all in drawers unlike the other two stores where it's all out to see. Plus, when I was there yesterday, they were playing (and singing to) the soundtrack from Avenue Q. Very cool and helpful bunch up there. It's a smaller store but I've grown to prefer it for certain things... like friendly customer service.

I made this book for 4th quarter "stuff":

I picked up Daniel Pink's book A Whole New Mind (REQUIRED READING FOR ANYONE, ESPECIALLY CREATIVES LIKE YOU AND ME)and he has a TON of excellent ideas to incorporate into your everyday design life and all of them require a design notebook... so I figured I'd be more likely to write if I liked my blank book. Worth a try, right?

The others will be gifts... I raided a used bookstore's dollar rack and got a BUNCH of old books to cut up and re-use...very cool type, illustrations and textures. Babar wasn't really a favorite book when I was little but the elephants made a wonderful book cover.

And who doesn't love an itty bitty tiny book? This one is 3" tall.

Bookmaking rocks!


Leigh Anna said...

they are beautiful!!!

aud said...

wow. you're craft is amazing! loove the elephants!!

Spence said...

Thanks girls!! Aud, I have more elephants...what size book do you want? ;)

Anne-Davnes said...

Yes it DOES rock and they're all beautiful. Love the elephants, too.