Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I'm in a city branding class and am in the process of making the city mark... I'd love some feedback on what you like... give me your top three choices of logo and top choice of type? Thanks!!!

Here's the brand platform for the project so you know what I'm trying to do with the mark...

White River Junction, VT

PROPOSED Brand Platform

Brand Vision:
Voted one of the ten coolest small towns in the US, White River Junction has always been a place for coming together. While the bustle of the railroad days has ended, interstate highways have opened new and unique possibilities for White River Junction residents and visitors alike to build a sense of belonging in an authentic community. With a burgeoning fine-art school, eclectic, independently owned and operated art studios, restaurants and retail spaces, White River Junction is re-inventing itself, transforming into a vibrant, energized destination for the entire Upper Valley Community and its visitors.

Brand Mission:
White River Junction's community has a strong internal commitment to creating a better quality of life. Visitors to downtown will experience a welcoming and inclusive environment: alive, energized and easily accessible by foot, bus, and rail. Current residents and business owners will be proactive in inviting new residents, clientele, and potential investors to visit and participate in community events. By drawing Upper Valley residents, tourists and travellers to the city center, White River Junction can share the vibrancy and uniqueness of itself while re-emerging as an economic, social, and cultural junction.

Brand Values:

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in what goes on in White River Junction. We value diversity in all its forms and find strength in our differences. Individuality builds community.

Individual and corporate initiative has made White River Junction what it is today. We are proactive in seeking ways to embrace change, create opportunity and overcome obstacles.

Much of what exists in White River Junction today is a result of an individual's passion—from the renovation of the Tip Top Bakery, to the evolution of Revolution, to the Main Street Museum and the Center for Cartoon Studies. We believe happiness comes from being passionate about what we do, and we seek to ignite passion in others.

There is no end to what a community can accomplish when it comes together. We believe that drawing from a community's creative, economic, and cultural wealth strengthens pride and belonging. Giving back to the community in return keeps that wealth circulating.

Brand Personality:

Brand Tone of Voice:


Tania Rochelle said...

I like 4 and 5.

abby :: tfp said...

what was the final consensus?

gene said...

living here (small world), i like 3 and B. linked here from Two Thirds the Venture Site, and there from...umm....oh! a site trying (tri-ing?) to get me to vote for the hottest triathletes. anyway, i hope your designer endeavors pan out for you.
keep up the good work!